Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Review: Cardio in a Box

Product Review: Cardio in a Box

I have to say this is something I have never seen before, nor thought of, but it makes perfect sense. I have seen a few fellow bloggers say they were disappointed that it seemed to be just a bunch of scarves in a box, but it isn't meant to be a big piece of machinery. It's meant to be something small and portable, ideal for an office. 

Many people have just a few spare minutes throughout the day, or perhaps while they are muted on a conference call, when they would be able to take advantage of this to get a bit of cardio in during the work day. You don't want to get really hot and sweaty while you are working, but if you are like many busy people and don't have chunks of time to devote to a workout, this would work for you.

The box includes: 
  • 3 Fitness Squares (scarf like material) to use for the exercises
  • A Pop Up Dispenser, as seen in the photo above, that is about the size of a square tissue box
  • Instruction Book that includes exercises and tips
  • Links to online video demonstrations of the exercises listed in the Instruction Book, and additional exercises and tips.

Cardio in a Box is very inexpensive at only $12.95 retail, and may be purchased at the Cardio in a Box website, or Facebook page. If you "like" the Facebook page before you purchase, you can receive a discount there.

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