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Sable Hunter Guest Post, Book Excerpt, and GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to my stop on the T-R-O-U-B-L-E by Sable Hunter Book Tour. I am thrilled to be hosting a guest post by Sable Hunter with an excerpt from the book, and a Giveaway for a copy of the book!

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Those Good-Ole Boy Sex Scenes - - I Never Get Tired of Them

After writing ten books, and they’re all set in Texas – I’m afraid I’m going to run out of places to make love on the ranch.  Oh, there’s always the barn and the hayloft – and don’t forget the back of the pick-up truck.  Although, the pickup truck that I grew up with had a ridged bed and you felt like you were laying on a steel Pringles potato chip – not comfortable. 
I have even held contests so readers could help me think of inventive ways to ‘get it on’ in the north forty.  Here are some of the things they come up with - - and believe you me, I’ve used most of them.  The stock tank – I used that in one of the opening scenes of Cowboy Heat.  Oh, I love this one – a mechanical bull – and I will use that one in BADASS.  And on a saddle – I’ve done that one twice, once on a horse and once while it was sitting innocently in the corner of the saddle shop - - see excerpt below!!!!!   

But sex scenes, and I have about ten per book – need to be fresh and arousing every time.  We, as erotic romance writers, can’t afford to let our lovemaking become stale – either between the sheets or between the pages of our books.  So, I’m always on the lookout for rural erotic scenarios that I can place my hero and heroine right slap dab in the middle of.  If you have any ideas – leave a comment and I will gladly give away a copy of T-R-O-U-B-L-E to the one that sparks my interest and imagination the most.      

But, Hi Ho Silver, how I love to make love on a farm or in the country! There is something so fucking sexy about being close to nature, to animals, my hero getting his hands dirty, rolling up his sleeves, letting the sexy sweat pour, wow, I got hot and bothered thinking about it.
Tanned, bristly, hulking cowboys, plowboys, good ole’ boys, are the best type of men. Country angels and belles and daisies are the sweetest ladies, too. Who hasn’t let themselves get lost in a fantasy on a farm?

Picture this:  she is in a barn. Her jean shorts are not low enough to cover her thick, strong, feminine thighs. Her plaid shirt is a little too hot, so she has it rolled up cupping her breasts beautifully. Her hair is pulled back, exposing her tan smooth neck, begging to be kissed. She is churning butter, working that pole. Up and down, she has to make sure to separate the cream for breakfast tomorrow. She needs strong hands to do work like that. She could do it for hours.
He walks in. What a tall, glass of sweet tea he is. Work gloves on, cause he is hauling firewood in from the pasture. Hat pulled low, letting the shade cool his chiseled cheeks and jaw. It’s really hot outside, so fuck shirts. And the sun loves this man without a shirt on. Hell, this is Texas, right? Tight Levi jeans hug his glorious ass, and hold his massive Texan package in place.
What do you think happens when these two hot hardbodies catch a glimpse of each other glowing like that? I’ll bet that he comes up from behind her and massages her back with his thick callused hands, rubbing the stress from working all day out of her skin. Maybe he teases her and lets his thumbs slide up the back of her shirt. Maybe he stands just a little too close so his form cozies up behind her beautiful, round, country ass.

She turns around, and lets her arms fit snug around his torso. The muscles on his back ripple in her palms. Kisses cannot accurately describe the passion and fire that flows between them when their lips meet. Clothes are torn off. She is lifted into the air in his steel arms. His strength is gentle and giving when he lays her down on the hay, right before letting his weight rest upon her. Grasping at one another, they pull and tug and claw. Country kids like it rough when they roll in the hay.

He bites her neck, and then breathes so the cool air ignites the wetness he left behind. He enjoys teasing her, making her want it. He loves to feel wanted. And who wouldn’t? A Texan body rivals the Greek Gods, themselves. But she is a strong, country woman herself, and she will not tolerate getting toyed with. He pushes his cock into her, just the tip, wanting her to beg him for the rest of it. She bites her lip and rolls her head back. As he smiles from the ecstasy he sees on her face, she whips her hands around him, digs her fingernails into his back and pulls his full length into her. She is so wet and ready that he slides in, and he is so firm and long that he fills her completely.
Haha, you like this, don’t you? You want more? I can tell. Get more luscious cowboy sex in the pages of T-R-O-U-B-L-E, if you can handle the ride. . .

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Excerpt from T-R-O-U-B-L-E
“I feel fine, Ky. You don’t have to wait on me.” Cooper tried to get off the couch, but Ky held her down, playfully. For two days, that is exactly what he had been doing.
“You’ve got to take care of yourself. Waiting on you makes me happy.” As she squirmed, he tickled her gently. “Just tell me what you want and I’ll give it to you.”
She stopped wiggling. “Okay. I feel wonderful and I’m tired of lying here doing nothing. Please, take me out and show me your saddle shop. Afterward, I want you to make love to me. Would you do that for me?”
Closing his eyes, briefly, he sent a prayer of thanks heavenward. She wanted to make love to him. “Oh, baby. That I can do.” He slung her up in his arms so fast it took her breath away. “Are you sure you feel like it?”
“Yes. I want to see where you make your saddles and belts.”
“That’s not what I’m talking about, baby? Are you sure you feel like making love?” He opened the door to the small studio.
The smell of leather and oils was rich and aromatic. It was dark and warm in the room, perfect for a romantic interlude. “My love,” she began, capturing his undivided attention, “nothing would make me happier or make me feel better than to have you buried deep inside of me.”
Never breaking her gaze, he steered her toward a saddle sitting on a stand, just the right height to aid them in their lovemaking. “God, you excite the hell out of me. Will you help me fulfill one of my fantasies?”
“Gladly, as long as it means I get to touch your body, I’m game.”
“My body is at your disposal twenty-four-seven, babe. You don’t even have to ask.”
Ky was looking at her with such heat, she swore she could see smoke dancing between them.
Boldly, she walked up to him and placed the palm of her hand over the thick ridge of his penis. “So, this is permitted? I can touch you, like this?” She did more than touch; she folded her hand around him and squeezed him through his Longhorn lounge pants.
He sucked air in through his nose. “Yeah, and I get to touch you, like this.” He mirrored her move, fitting his palm over her mons, slipping fingers in between her legs and lifting up. Her skirt was thin and proved no barrier to his sensual assault. He watched Cooper close her eyes as arrows of pleasure shot through her. “Undress for me, Cooper. And I’ll undress for you.”
He started, pulling his shirt from the lounge pants and removing shoes and socks. She answered in kind, slipping out of her shoes and unzipping her skirt. “Do you want me to take it all off, Ky?” She wasn’t being coy, years of uncertainty and insecurity had taken their toll
“Please, baby.” She smiled a tender little smile and complied. As she lowered the skirt and pulled the top over her head, he stilled his actions, transfixed at her beauty. When she was completely nude, she saw she had won the race and graciously helped him out.
“You are magnificent, Ky.” After pushing his shirt off his shoulders, she ran her fingers through the fine dusting of hair covering his pecs, causing him to quake with need. “I’m ready.”
“Ready?” he couldn’t think straight.
“You said if I was wet, that meant I was ready for you. I’m ready.”
Briefly, he closed his eyes and thanked heaven for this beautiful woman. “Oh, baby. I’m past ready. Now, about that fantasy - let me show you what I’ve been dreaming about for years. Every time I finished a saddle and would see it sitting over here, I would picture laying a beautiful woman across it, like this.” She let him arrange her over the saddle, her bare bottom high in the air, her full breasts dangling over the far side.
“God, almighty. I hope I can last long enough to get inside of you.” While he spoke, he quickly sheathed himself for her protection. “Cooper, I wish I had a camera. You have no idea how absolutely sinful you look.”
“I feel sinful and wanton. Please, Ky. Mount me.” Cooper knew exactly what she was doing. The explicit language enflamed him. And mount her he did. She pushed her rear into the air, just like a mare in heat. Ky covered her from behind, using his legs to part hers even further.
“Are you sure that you’re ready for me, baby?” he asked as he dipped one finger into her folds, just to make sure. She nodded, unable to speak. At her breathless acquiescence, he let himself go and plunged into her. She arched her back and squealed in delight. Settling in for the long haul, he leaned forward, took a breast in each hand, and began to ride.
“Oh, yes.” Cooper moaned, loving the sensation of being taken so thoroughly. She looked down at her breasts covered by his large, rough hands and nearly fainted from the sight. He was rubbing, massaging, and tweaking her nipples, all designed to feed the frenzy of her heat.
“Is this what you wanted, babe? Does this feel good?” Not waiting for an answer, he overshadowed her and nipped her on the shoulder, next to her neck.
“Yes!” she screamed, pushing backwards hard, trying to take as much of him as possible inside of her. She shook her head, sending her hair flying. Never had she felt so liberated or so free. Ky had given her back her self-esteem and her confidence in herself as a woman. So, she sought to give to him everything she could in return. “Oh, Ky. You fill me so good. Don’t stop, please don’t stop.” She could feel the head of his immense cock pressing against her womb, every thrust rubbed against her spongy G-Spot, further enflaming her ecstasy. Moans of rapture escaped her; it was all she could do to keep from screaming at the top of her lungs.

Maybe, it was because he had been blessed enough to have had three orgasms in the past two days, or maybe it was just the circumstances—but Ky was bigger and harder than he could ever remember being and felt like he could go all night. He began thrusting; slowly, deliberately, impaling Cooper over and over again. She arched her torso, pushing her breasts against his palms and groaning in pure, unadulterated pleasure. “You’re mine, Cooper. You belong to me,” he shouted in the air like a benediction.
At Ky’s declaration of ownership, Cooper’s orgasm seemed to make her fly apart. Wave after wave hitting her, causing her body to buck against him. Ky felt her body begin to spasm and he held her tight until she stopped shaking. Moving his hands from her breasts to her waist, he picked her up and pulled her back against his straining body. Bringing her to her feet, he gently turned her around, letting her sit sidesaddle and entered her from the front. “Put your legs around my waist, baby, I want more.”
Cooper did what he asked, pulling him close, her heels digging into his hips. “I don’t have to be afraid, anymore. You would never hurt me, would you?”
“I’ve told you everything – all of my dark secrets – and you’re still here.”
Ky was almost past speaking, but he knew that she needed to hear this. “Yes, baby. I’m still here.”
“I’m not fat or ugly.”
“You’re perfect.” What she was – was loved. He hadn’t said it yet, but it was true. He loved her with every fiber of his being. As Ky thrust into her, Cooper did amazing things with her body to give him pleasure. She used the inner walls of her vagina to caress and milk him.
Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed, or unappreciated. “Damn, sweetheart. You are a joy to love!” Bending over, he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. When he did this, he catapulted Cooper into another orgasm and this time her moans of pleasure, and tiny convulsions, triggered Ky’s climax and he ground deep into her, his seed pulsing out of his body with every beat of his heart.
They clung to each other, trading kisses, whispering endearments.
Neither one of them noticed the condom had broke.

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