Thursday, September 29, 2011

Skin Care Awareness Month

I have mentioned previously that I have some close friends and family members that have had up close and personal battles with skin cancer. It makes me cringe just thinking about all they have gone through, and while these things aren't always avoidable, there are steps we can all take to better care for ourselves and our skin. It's never too late to start.

I have noticed over the past couple of years that my own skin is changing. Maybe it's because I am getting older (boo, LOL) or maybe it's because we have such extreme weather here in OK, and between the blizzards in the winter and they droughts and record breaking +100 days we had all summer, my skin is DRY. It has never been this dry before, but I've had to really make some changes to my skin care routine this year.

When Eucerin offered to send me some products to try and tell you about, I couldn't wait for them to arrive. My skin has become so dry and itchy, and even my fingernails were dry and cracking, despite daily lotion use. I had used Eucerin products before on my kids as babies, and loved it. I have had some of their lotions before, but not used consistently or exclusively. I normally have a few different brands on the counter and use whatever I grab. But, when I am working on a review, I use the brand I am using exclusively so I can get an accurate opinion to share.

I received the Eucerin Plus Intensive Repair Hand Creme and the Eucerin Plus Smoothing Essentials Fast Absorbing Body Lotion. I'll be honest and tell you I did take some before pictures with the intention of showing you before/after. But, ewwww, my hands looked BAD. So very dry. So, yeah, I deleted them, haha!  My hands were in need of some intensive repair, and after 2 weeks of use, I can see noticeable improvement. Not completely healed yet, but oh so much better! The body lotion has also worked well, especially on my arms and legs. They are silky smooth again, and don't itch! Dry skin is the pits!

I love that it absorbed fairly quickly and didn't leave my skin feeling oily, dirty, or greasy. There's nothing worse than showering and putting on lotion that leaves you feeling icky. The lotion says it lasts 24 hours, and it probably does, but my skin has been so dry, and I am impatient, so I put it on in the morning after my shower, and again at night before bed. My feet also needed some TLC, so at night when I put lotion on them, I immediately put on socks to help retain the moisture. I don't like sleeping in socks, but it has paid off, and they look and feel much better.

For more information, please feel free to visit the Eucerin Website, Facebook and Twitter.

***Disclosure: I received complimentary Eucerin lotion to facilitate my review. No positive review was requested or required, and no monetary compensation was exchanged. All opinions expressed are solely mine and have not been influenced in any manner. Your results may vary from mine, but I truly loved and enjoyed this product.***

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