Sunday, October 30, 2011

Season 2 of V

This week, when talking about the television show "V", we'll discuss:

Hobbes constantly calls Ryan out as a traitor even though his treachery has far worse consequences. Not only has Hobbes killed humans, he slept with Erica and then indirectly caused the death of Erica's ex-husband Joe. Have you ever been in a situation where someone regardless of their own actions kept pointing out what you were doing wrong? How did you bring this to light or work around it to move forward?

I know that in my former workplace, I had a situation where our manager was making countless mistakes due to carelessness, and not only would she try to get the spotlight off of herself by shining it on and then blowing up the mistakes of others to make them seem like more of a big deal than what they were. I just made sure to double check my work, document as much as possible, and in time, her actions backfired on her. Her inability to manage her team and not reduce their mistakes made her look bad, and then further investigation revealed her own mistakes.

How about y'all. Have you ever encountered this in your personal or work life?

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