Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My kids are finally at an age where they care about what brands of clothing they wear. Even though they are boys, they still want to go shopping with me, when I am purchasing clothes for them. It's important to them that I am shopping at the right stores, for the right looks for all pieces of an outfit.

I feel lucky that we have a mall not too far away where there are several stores that we can shop at and compromise on clothing. With three growing boys, budget is my primary concern, while they just want they latest and most popular selections. Aeropostale is one of our favorite stores to shop at. They run sales regularly that allow me to purchase the items the kids want, at a price I am willing to pay.

Due to the house flood we had last January, many of our jackets, etc had to be thrown out. We were fortunate that our heavy coats survived unscathed, but jackets, sweaters, and other items were not so lucky. When the weather first started changing, the kids needed light jackets to wear out the door in the mornings. Their heavy winter coats were too hot. So, we headed out to see what outerwear for kids  was available. We found some adorable zip up hoodie style jackets that were just right. Not too heavy or bulky for afternoons in the 70s, but just warm enough for mornings in the 40s.

Next time your kids need clothing, consider Aeropostale, they have items that kids love from head to toe at prices that won't break your budget!

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