Tuesday, November 8, 2011


With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it often seems like there are more things on our to do list than time to actually get them done. For me, a few things always seem to slip through the cracks, and you don't realize it until it's too late. For me, the things I ALWAYS forget to check is our Canon camera battery. We have both a film camera and a digital camera, both happen to be Canon's. At Joshua's birthday last month, of course I forgot to check for film on the 35mm camera, so we got out the digital one. Sadly, the Canon digital camera battery was dead on that camera, so it was out too. Thank goodness for smart phones, or we wouldn't have had ANY pictures of his party!

So, I have been researching, and purchased a Canon battery charger so I don't have to remember to BUY batteries for Thanksgiving/Christmas, I just have to remember to charge them. I also bought extra film for the 35mm, haha. Does this happen to anyone else? Please tell me I am not the only mom out there that has an expensive camera, yet forgets to buy batteries and film, and then when important moments happen, you are left with your phone camera to capture them!

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