Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Book Tour: Precisely Terminated

Book Tour: Precisely Terminated by Amanda L Davis

This was my first Dystopian novel to read. I had avoided them previously, because they just didn't seem to fit the genres that I prefer and enjoy. However, I had heard great things about this up and coming writer, and since I home-school my own child who has learning disabilities, I wanted to give this one a try, and offer my words of encouragement and support. This is the first book in the Cantral Chronicles Trilogy and I will be getting the other 2 books to complete the set. Joshua is reading on this level, and I am planning to let him read the series.

I honestly have to say that I surprised my self, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was very well written and thought out, and does not seem to be a freshman novel. The story and theme were intriguing, and the details were meticulous. You can actually imagine the scenes and settings, and the characters are easy to relate to and I just love that she put in a lesson that all readers can take away from the story.

As always, I don't want to spoil too much of the story for you, so I have only included the publisher's synopsis. The suggested Reading Level is 13+. My 8 year old is a very, very advanced reader, and having read this book first, I think it is appropriate for him, and a story he would enjoy. I'd love if y'all could leave some comment love for Amanda on the post, and consider giving this book as a gift to a young reader in your life!

About the Book:
Monica, a noble disguised as a slave girl, escaped the chip implantation process that the slaves of Cantral and Cillineese were subjected to at birth. As a result, she alone holds the ability to find a paper bearing instructions for shutting down the mind-­controlling computers and execute the paper's directives. But the Cillineese rulers discover Monica's existence and move to seal the city. They plan to gas all the inhabitants before Monica can set them free. The ensuing race against time pits one girl against the tyranny of powerful nobles...with an entire city's inhabitants hanging in the balance.

About the Author:
Amanda L. Davis is an award-­winning writer who spends her spare time spinning yarn, sewing, quilting, and embroidering. She honed her writing craft while attending writers conferences with her father, award-­winning fantasy novelist Bryan Davis, and through years of participating in Cleanplace, an online writers group for teens. Amanda is available to speak about her process of living with dyslexia, excelling in a homeschool environment, and chasing your dreams-no matter what your age.

This book is for sale at Amazon, currently priced at $10.39. You can also view the Book Trailer on YouTube.

***Disclosure: I received a complementary copy of this book for participating in this tour. No monetary compensation was exchanged. No positive review was requested or required, all opinions expressed are solely mine and were not influenced in any manner.


Denise Z said...

Thank you for sharing about what sounds like a very interesting read:)

Jayne Townsley said...

I just can't ever bring myself to read one of these where the kids are so involved. I know there's a lot of buzz for "The Hunger Games" and I find myself wishing it had adults rather than children as the subject.

I'll be curious to know what your son thinks and I hope you do a follow up!