Saturday, November 26, 2011

Discount Medications

I know that many people are weary of online sites that sell discount medications. If you have good prescription coverage under insurance, it's likely that you've never looked at any of these sites, or really needed too. However, in today's economy where many people are out of work, underpaid in jobs they are overqualified for just so they have a job, or perhaps have insurance but the co-pay for your medication is still beyond your reach, there are options.

When shopping for medications online, it is critical that you thoroughly examine and research the site you want to purchase from for legitimacy. Make sure they are secure, there are privacy certifications, and that they are licensed! Legitimate sites are not places where you can randomly order whatever medication you want, they will require a prescription and verify it before filling the order.

I take 2 medications daily, and I am fortunate that one is just a $5 co-pay, as it's generic. I was originally prescribed the name brand, and my insurance denied it and switched me to this generic. For my second medication, there is no generic available. My co-pay would be $95, but I am so thankful that the drug company offers a discount plan for 12 months so I only need to pay $10 of that. If a generic isn't available when my 12 month discount is up, and no extension is granted, I will be forced to either change to another medication, stop taking it, or look for an affordable price online.

I found a site where you can buy effexor, quantity 105 for $60, buy lipitor 90 for $108, and buy fosamax for 100 for $40. My Fibromyalgia medication is $131 for 84. Remember, I'm paying $10 for 30 with the drug company discount plan, without that, I'd be paying $95 for 30, WITH Insurance co-pay, so it is significantly less expensive at this site. The medications I linked, are ones a family member uses. Our current co-pay WITH insurance at their approved mailing company is $105 for Lipitor, and $35 for Fosamax, so these prices are comparable to insurance co-pays.

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alfie charleng said...

Yea thats right, discount medications is very helpful for underjobs , poor people ..One of my friend also take the medicines with discount medications and he saves a big amount of money.