Monday, November 7, 2011

Garage Organization

I have some MAJOR garage organization to do this week. Once a month in our area, we have Big Trash Pickup where the city comes by to collect all of your trash that is too big for the garbage bins. For the past 3 years my poor car has been stuck out in the driveway because there wasn't room for it in the garage. This year though, we've sold Nick's motorcycle and I am determined to get my car in there before the winter and blizzards begin. It's so nice to be able to unload groceries, kids, etc in the covered garage versus the icy driveway!

Since Big Trash Pickup is next week for my neighborhood, and I'll be gone to Women Of Faith all weekend, I have to get this done before Thursday. I can't risk waiting another month and it probably being freezing cold and snowy in December. My first step will be getting all Big Trash items to the front of the garage to be hauled out to the curb Sunday night. Step two will be getting Garage Cabinets and Arrow Spacemaker Storage Cabinets installed so I have somewhere to put the items remaining. We still have items of lawn equipment, sports equipment, outgrown kids clothes waiting to be sent back to family in TN, and a miscellaneous assortment of items that must be properly stowed.

I would love to have a new Steel Shed to replace our warped Rubbermaid shed in the backyard for all that lawn equipment and kids yard toys! The one we have was here when we moved in, and has seen much better days. The front door to it is broken and doesn't shut properly. Having one with sliding doors would be better. A certain man of the house that handles the yard work (whose name I won't mention, LOL) always lets the weeds grow up in front of the door before he opens it for the season, and then it doesn't want to open so he can get the weed eater out to cut them down.

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