Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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I remember being in the sixth grade when I realized I needed glasses. We had assigned seats, and I was near the back of the room. I couldn't see what was on the board, and I had to keep asking a friend to copy it down on paper for me so I could do the assignment.

One day it was time for our annual eye exam at school. They'd bring in students and they'd examine us as part of their curriculum. Very quickly, they wrote a note to my parents letting them know that I was in dire need of eyeglasses, and they should take me to the optometrist for a prescription.

My parents wanted to know why I hadn't said something about having trouble seeing, but I am nearsighted, and previously had always been sitting at the front of the classroom, and hadn't had any problems. Plus, I think it gets worse gradually over time, so I had been compensating for it, until I was in a situation where I just couldn't see to read the blackboard. We went to the optometrist, and picked out some cheap glasses to start with, so I could get used to wearing them, primarily just as needed in the beginning.

I take my own kids in for annual visits with the eye doctor, in addition to the exam the pediatrician performs at their well child visits. I know eye problems run on both sides of the family, and I don't want them to develop the same issues that I had. I want them to be comfortable with the process, and not be afraid when they time likely comes that they too will need and eyeglasses prescription.

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