Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm a new Country Gourmet Consultant!

A friend of mine sells Country Gourmet, and has been encouraging me to try this for a couple of years. Today (and likely this weekend) they are having a great promotion, so I signed up. Here's how it works if any of you have been on the fence about this too:

Independent Basic Consultant:
No down lines or free websites
Quarterly sales requirement of just $25

Independent Advanced Consultant:
FREE Website and downlines
Quarterly sales requirement of $100. Includes all personal AND website order totals BEFORE discount codes applied!

*Can switch from advanced to basic for free at any time, but if you later decide to go back to advanced, there is a $10 fee. IF you choose to sign up, I'd love you to put down my name (Karen Puleski) as your referral!

Three Kits Available (use the code "consultant" this weekend to get 40% off ALL kits!)

#537 Mini Kit Options
Each of our mini kits contain
- Access to our online consultant binder
-10 Catalogs
-5 Small Carbon Copies
 Classic Kit
4 of our most popular Gourmet Dips (Sesame Garlic, Creamy Cajun, Creamy Dill & French Onion)
2 Classic Beer Breads                        1 Fiesta Rice Dinner
1 Mama's Butter Pecan Muffin Mix 
  Family Fun
2 Gourmet Seasoning Dip Blends        1 Buttermilk Pancake Mix
1 Fruit Jam or Jelly                             1 Caramel Apple Cake Mix
1 Cheesy Baked Potato Soup
Comfort Cooking
4 Gourmet Seasonings (Daddy's Bean Dip, Country Bacon, Creamy Dill & Sesame Garlic)
1 Cinnamon Chip Sugar Biscuit           1 Mama's Meatloaf & More Mix
1 Apple Butter                                    1 Maple Nut Pancake
Entertain Kit
3 Popcorn Seasonings                        1 Daddy's Bean Dip
1 Lemonade Mix                                 1 Hot Fudge Pudding Cake
Welcome Home
2 Gourmet Seasonings - Creamy Dill & Creamy Cajun
1 Honey Corn Bread Mix                      2 Jams or Jellies
1 Soup Mix                                         1 Mama's Chocolate Chippers Cookie Mix
By purchasing this kit you agree to abide by our consultant agreement as outlined HERE.

#538 Classic Gourmet Kit
Over $100 in products and supplies.
Online Consultant Binder
25 Colored Catalogs
5 Small Carbon Copies
1 Each of our Gourmet Seasoning Blends ( 6 total)
2 Classic Beer Breads              1 Mama's Meatloaf Mix
1 Fiesta Rice Dinner                  1 Ragin Cajun Jambalaya Dinner
1 Creamy Potato Soup Mix        1 Mama's Butter Pecan Muffins
1 Cake and Cobbler Mix             1 Mama's All Around Cookie Mix
1 Jam, Jelly, or Fruit Butter
By purchasing this kit your agree to abide by our Consultant Agreement as outlined HERE

#539 Build Your Own Kit
Sign up using this option to build your own kit. Once you signup you will be emailed important instructions for placing your first order.
Basic Consultant Plan - you have 30 days from sign up to place your first order of any size. Information on placing your first order will be sent via email.
Advanced Consultant Plan - you will be sent your consultant discount codes and have 15 days from sign up to place your first order of any amount, it's that easy!

The link to the website is HERE. Since I am new, I am still learning too, but if you have any questions, just let me know and I can ask my friend that referred me :)

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