Saturday, November 26, 2011

Little boys love noise

As the mother of three boys, there are very few toys we have in our house that are not noisemakers. If the toys, don't make noise, you can guarantee that the child will create his own noise associated with the toy. It's the way boys work.

We have cars and trucks, trains, lego creations, all types of balls and sporting equipment, power rangers, and so many others. I thought once they got a bit older and more into video games, we'd have at least a slightly lower noise level, but I was so wrong. Now they are cheering for one another and getting competitive while they play both console games and handheld games.

My oldest son is 9, and I was talking to a friend recently about the noise. Her boys are older so I asked her when do they get quieter. Her response, when they go to college:/ Sad to realize just how close that is. She said when they're teens, they get more into music and the noise only increases, LOL. I guess all we can do is enjoy it now, while they are still home all day, every day!

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