Friday, November 18, 2011

Titanium Jewelry

As "mommy bloggers" it seems like we typically focus on discussing and reviewing items for our children or other moms. Of course in June when Father's Day is approaching we feature products more for men, but for me anyway, when I think back on the past year, I haven't had a lot of items geared towards men.

Today, I'd like to at least mention some Titanium Bracelets. Of course, these could probably be worn by anyone, depending on your style choice, but these seem like items the Italian men in my family who love to wear jewelry, would select.

The bracelet featured above is normally $99, but currently on sale for $39.90! That is a tremendous savings and would make a fabulous holiday gift selection. It is made out of Grade 1 commercially pure titanium, and is 9mm wide, 20 cm long. All links are removable to allow you to shorten it for a perfect fit.

On a side note, they also offer titanium ring designs. I haven't seen these in person, but they do have matching wedding bands featured for both men and women, with and without stones. If you are in the market for new or updated bands, or know anyone engaged looking for bands, these are worth checking out!

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