Thursday, November 17, 2011

Uses for 800 numbers

Their are a variety of uses for Toll Free Numbers. The vast majority are used by businesses large and small so that their customers can contact them without having to pay long distance phone charges. This is advantageous to them if they accept phone orders, or if they offer customer service or support via phone.

However, 800 numbers can also be helpful to individuals, parents, grandparents, bloggers, etsy shop owners, independent/direct sales reps, authors, etc. I have several friends who had children early in life, and their kids are now going off to college. Yes, they all have cell phones, but those have limits on minutes used, and in cases where it's their first time away from home, or they've traveled a great distance to go to school, they sometimes get homesick or just want to be able to call home on a whim and speak without restrictions on time. In these instances, the parents have purchased a toll free number for a small fee, and their kids can call for free from anywhere in the world and talk as long as they want or need. I know of others with extended family members serving in the missions fields or military that also find these to be useful to their family's.

Likewise, bloggers, authors, etsy shop owners, and direct salespeople might also have a need for these. Perhaps you need a way for PR companies, publishing companies, clients, etc to contact you but you don't want to use or publish your home phone number in a public forum. With the use of an 800 number you can maintain your anonymity, while still establishing a form of phone communication with those who may need to contact you on a regular basis.

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