Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why is Norton useful

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New MessageI talked a few days ago about the Norton Small Business by Symantec family of products, and thought I'd take this opportunity to explain in a little more detail about what specific features might make them the right choice for your family or small business. If a cyber criminal obtained your company financial information or customer information, it could be devastating for any small business. Adequate software is a small price to pay for protection.
Norton 360 can protect you from online attacks and scams, and prevent anyone from stealing your confidential information. Note: I haven't had this happen to me on my own personal system, but my information was stolen from somewhere else, and it was NOT fun trying to get that mess straightened out. I still have issues that come up from time to time that I have to deal with. I definitely recommend protecting yourself where you can, and over things that are within your control, such as your personal computer.
Norton Internet Security 2012 helps small businesses stay protected without any sacrifice to productivity. It will also prevent internet predators from obtaining confidential business information.
Norton Antivirus 2012 will stop spyware and viruses before they can harm you or your PC. It won't slow down your computer, and it scans all emails and IM's to make sure they are safe.
Norton Utilities will clean up and speed up your PC without the need to hire a costly tech service.
Norton Ghost will protect any folders, apps, files, and settings backing them up, and enabling recovery. If you've ever lost anything vital, you know how helpful this can be!
You can get 30% off Norton Small Business Products now , primarily on the 5U/10U Small business products, by visiting that link. Protect your self on the internet, and see what products Norton offers that may be of benefit to you! Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security 2012 both just launched in September, they would be great resources for anyone looking to protect their family or small business online.
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I'd love to know what Norton products you use and love, what's on your wish/need list, and why you find them helpful!
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