Sunday, December 18, 2011


I have not yet made the jump into publishing pay per click ads on any of my sites. I know several bloggers that have, and it's been quite successful for them, but I've been too swamped to really have the time to figure it all out. BizzClick is a Pay Per Click agency where web site owners can set up a publishers account, at no cost or obligation, and add the code to their site. There is a 75% revenue share based on your statistics and it shows several ways to monitor your activity. It's something I am considering for monetizing traffic one of my other sites, just to see how it works.

Likewise, if you are an Advertiser seeking to place ads on a pay per click network, BizzClick offers a personal manager for each client, and 24/7 support team. They also utilize their own FiSoAp traffic ranking system so that they can help their advertisers to get traffic sources that fit their needs. It allows you to get the highest bids while avoiding charge backs.

They do have an affiliate referral account, but I have not set up an account yet to pass that information along to you. If you are interested in that information once I check it out, just leave me a message with a method of contact, and I am happy to pass along my personal experiences to you once I've had a chance to try it out.

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