Monday, December 19, 2011


At my recent House Parties, we were just discussing the myriad of different daily deal sites, etc. Each person seems to have one site they prefer over another, for various reasons. I think most of them tend to offer great deals, depending on what you are in the market for. It can, however, get time consuming trying to follow them all! It made me giggle this morning when I opened my email and saw this new site, ChoozOn, that will scour all the deals based on selections you pick, and combine them all for you. It's the kind of site my friends and I will be asking one another, Why didn't we think of that, LOL:)

ChoozOn brings you deals and offers matched to your current interests, featuring your favorite brands, loyalty programs, deals-of-the-day, private (flash) sales, and the products you may be searching for. Think of us as your personal shopper for deals. Range of deals. We’re working with more than 1500 major national brands, local daily deal services, coupon sites, flash sales, and loyalty programs.

Our Mission – Help busy Moms to get the most value, for the least possible effort, from the brands they love. ChoozOn has just released a beta-test version of its new service, which is open for customers to try out and provide feedback. We would like to give the Web’s savviest, deal-conscious bloggers a private preview of our site, and a chance to share their thoughts about this convenient deal-hunting service with their readerships, before the wider public hears about ChoozOn.

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