Wednesday, December 7, 2011

CP Toys

Several of my friends have had babies this year, and we've been discussing the various toys for infants that are available. There are some really cute items out now, that I wish would've been available when mine were smaller, and it wasn't even that long ago!

It's amazing to me how fast technology changes, and how advanced things get so quickly. We all seem to agree though that sometimes the most basic toys are what smaller kids seem to enjoy the most. Things like soft building blocks, stacking blocks or circles, toy farms with animals, etc. These toys help them learn basic skills that they can use and build on.

My all time favorite infant toy for my boys was a shape sorter. I remember having one like it when I was little. It was the little cube with the shapes in it, and you had to fit the plastic shapes inside the cube. We spent a ton of time with this when Aaron was little. With his issues, he had a very difficult time, and it was rewarding to watch him figure it out, and be so excited that he could complete it. While I've passed on many of their toys they've outgrown, this is one that I've kept in the closet to pass down to their children.

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