Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dream Vacation

I am a huge fan of reality shows, especially shows such as The Amazing Race and Survivor. I love being able to see various exotic locations that I'd love to be able to visit one day. I also happen to have a few blog readers and friends that I have met online that live across the world from me in Australia. Some of my close friends have been fortunate to be able to visit this part of the world, and it is an area I dream of being able to explore one day.

When I see these regions mentioned on the shows I watch, I always message my friends to see if they happen to love close to the areas. Usually not, but sometimes yes. One friend of mine had a unique opportunity while attending University (many years ago) to work as a tour operator during his school breaks. If I ever am fortunate enough to actually be able to visit Australia, that is one resource I will take advantage of with thousands of questions about the best places to see and visit while I am there. What about y'all? Ever dream of taking Australian or Patagonia tours, or any other exotic dream vacations?


The Purple Lady said...

I don't really want to go anywhere too exotic, but I haven't ever been off the North American continent. So, I want to go on a train trip in the countryside of the UK or in Poland to visit the WWII historical sites. I don't know if it will ever happen, but once I stop being a SAHM/student, that is one of my goals to look forward to

mike said...

I love going on the Patagonia tours. They are the best vacations i ever took. If i dont know anyone to stay with in the area i always use couch surfing. I have met and stayed with some really cool people thru couch surfing