Friday, December 9, 2011

iPad 2 Accessories

I am trying to get on board with all the new technology. It just seems to come out so fast that once you finally learn how to use a product and get familiar and comfortable with it, something new has come along! One product that it seems like 75% of my friends own, some type of  iPad or other Tablet device. When we have get-togethers, you can look around, and most every adult in the room has one. Recently I was at a Conference in town, and I was amazed at how many people there had them too! One topic of conversation that comes up frequently in groups of people using the similar devices, is the need for specific accessories. All the guys think they have the perfect invention, then you go to the store and see it's already for sale :)

One such accessory is the Pad Pivot. This is a really cool pocket sized pivot that lays across your leg, and helps secure the device. I was in a group of people with a variety of devices, and it fit most of them, and I got it to work with my Kindle. I just rests on your leg (there is a tether strap to hold it on), and you can sit back on the couch and read or browse without worrying about dropping it, or having it fall. It can also sit safely on any table or flat surface using this device. It rotates 360 degrees.

This was so nice to test out. I tend to talk with my hands, and it's challenging to do that while holding an iPad. These things are way too expensive to drop and risk breaking, and I'm accident prone when I am paying attention, so you can imagine how likely I am to break something when I'm distracted talking. One of my favorite things to do on the iPad is to stumble and discover articles. That would be fine, except I tend to find so many that I love (shocking I know), and I want to show the site to everyone around me. With this Pivot on, I don't have to worry that I will drop it when I'm excited, and I can just turn the screen around to show people what I've found, and the wonderful iPad is safe and sound. The listed price as of this posting was $39.99. It would make an excellent Christmas gift!

Another accessory is the iCapsule. I think this may have been created for me, LOL:) I am so bad at typing on touchscreen keyboards. I really prefer an actual keyboard. I had no idea that someone had created a keyboard to work with a Tablet, but considering I can't be the only person to fail at typing on a touchscreen, it makes sense that this is available. I hooked this Rocketfish - Advanced Series Keyboard Capsule for Apple iPad2 up, and it was magical. I was so happy to have a real keyboard to type on! It even came with a USB charging cable, and earphone jack spare cover. It connects to the iPad using Bluetooth technology, and it automatically turns off the iPad when you close the capsule to save on power.

Do y'all see how much that keyboard makes the iPad look like a laptop? I love it! When my laptop got ruined in the flood last January, I missed it so. We had to go many months without a replacement until the insurance got straightened out. We had the iPad2 to use, but it just didn't seem the same. Not that it isn't fun as well, but I seriously need and prefer a keyboard. If you've got a text, email, or seen my Facebook posts from a touch-pad keyboard, you are aware that auto-correct and I do not get along. I wouldn't use the iPad for email, blogging, or anything that required typing. I was only using it for games and stumbles, both of which my phone can do, so it felt like a wasted investment to me. Others use it for other things, and I am sure get their money's worth out of it. For me, being practical and frugal, I felt like I was missing what the big deal was about the iPad. I received this keyboard to test, about 12 days ago. In that time, I have discovered what the big deal is. It's wonderful! Having a keyboard attached made all the difference in the world for me, personally. No longer was I limited to visiting sites that didn't require typing on a touchscreen. Now I could visit any site I wanted, and use ALL of the apps that we have downloaded. I don't know who thought up the idea for this, but I owe them a huge Thank You! This product is currently priced at $99.99. If you've paid the money for an iPad2, this is an upgrade accessory that will help you enjoy the product to the fullest.

“The reviewer has received the reviewed product from Best Buy for free.”

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