Friday, December 2, 2011


We still have not selected a replacement rug for our entry way after the flood in January. Almost a year later. We finally got the check from the insurance, thank goodness for full coverage replacement in our policy, but haven't found the right one just yet.

Our entry way is narrow and long, so it almost needs to be more of a runner than a rug. Since you have to walk through this area to get in and out of the house and kitchen, it is a high traffic area, so we need something durable. I want it to be stylish as well. But, we still have small children, so it can't be anything that can't stand up to spills and stains, not to mention everything they drag in on their feet from the outdoors.

I would love to be able to browse the designer rugs that are available, but I just don't think we are quite in that season of life right now. Sure they are gorgeous, but would they stay that way for long, given our circumstances? I doubt it. Perhaps when the kids are older, and more aware of taking off their shoes and helping me keep rugs clean, then I can look into these:)

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