Monday, December 12, 2011


When we bought our home here in Oklahoma, we were looking at a variety of different types of houses. Since we have such severe weather out here, and maintenance is an issue, we knew that we wanted a home that had either brick or siding. We ended up with a combination of the two. Planning ahead and being intentional about the type of home we selected has paid off. There are other homes in our neighborhood that have wood instead of siding, and the difference is noticeable in how it is weathering. Our siding still looks brand new, while the home across the street that has wood was just painted two years ago, and it already has paint peeling.

This past summer, I am sure many of you remember the hurricane that went through the Northeast. It seems like they had several severe storms and weather related events, similar to what we have out here in Oklahoma. If their homes are constructed similar to ours, with similar codes, etc. then many of those homes, old and new alike, that are constructed of wood, are likely showing signs of weathering. When the time comes to do the maintenance on your home, I'd think probably in the spring after the winter storms, then consider looking into siding New Jersey. The initial cost of purchasing siding may be more than what you'd spend on paint, but in the long run, you will save on maintenance costs, and likely come out ahead. It's at least worth looking into, in my opinion :)

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