Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Smurftastic Extravaganza

Well, I had planned to have our Smurftastic Extravaganza last Sunday, but Joshua came home from school with a fever on Friday and by Saturday Aaron had a fever, and on Sunday, I had a fever. So, I cancelled it. I didn't want to spread our germs to all of our friends and family! At the last minute, we were able to have some people over this weekend. The photo above is the "winning" Smurf Art Picture selected by the guests. Sorry I couldn't get it to scan and post turned around. Aaron is VERY proud of his picture:)

We enjoyed blue kool-aid, we iced sugar cookies with Blue Icing, and had some blueberry muffins before we watched the DVD of the new Smurf Movie.This was a favorite cartoon of mine as a child, so it makes me happy to see my own kids enjoying it as well.

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