Sunday, December 11, 2011

Women of Faith #wofimage

Last month, I was privileged to be given the opportunity to attend the Women of Faith Conference here in Oklahoma City. Even more amazing, I was able to take my former college roommate (we won't think about how long ago that was, LOL)  from Tennessee with me. She and her husband are planting a church in a suburb of the city, and it was the first time we had seen one another since 1995! We met outside the Arena Friday morning, and went inside to chat while we waited for the event to start.

The event opened with the Worship Team leading us in some wonderful songs. Next up, we met Patsy Clairmont and Andy Andrews. I had never heard either speaker before, and was very touched and moved by what they had to say. I didn't realize until I got home that I actually owned some books that Patsy authored. I connected with what she had to say immediately, and some of it hit very close to home. I needed to hear the words that she had to say, and when I am struggling with some specific issues, I can still a month later, hear the advice that Patsy gave on stage. Andy, is hilarious. He has so much energy, that it reminded me of my little Logan, who is all over the place. But, if you stay with him, and follow along, he too has some very insightful wisdom that you will be grateful to be the recipient of. Friday evening, I was blessed to be on the second row on the floor for the Mandisa performance! I have loved her since her American Idol days, and she put on a phenomenal show!

I am sort of speeding ahead, because while I enjoyed Friday immensely, Saturday was the day I had most been waiting for. Since I was a very little girl, it has been my dream to hear Sandi Patty and Amy Grant live, and to top it off, Lisa Whelchel (Blair on Facts of Life) was going to be speaking too! I was not disappointed Sandi Patty was AMAZING. I could listen to her sing for hours! Her family was also with her, and her husband joined her on stage for a gorgeous duet. Lisa had some great advice on adult friendships, and how we as women relate to one another. The speaker who surprised me the most though was Brenda Warner. I had no idea what to expect, but her story and the things  that occurred in her life resonated deeply with me. While my situation isn't identical to her, there are many similarities and her steadfast Faith and dedication gave me the assurance that I needed to hear.

The Women of Faith will be back in Oklahoma City again next August, and I hope I am able to attend this phenomenal event again. It is just the energizing event that women need to be able to recharge and live the lives we are meant to live.

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