Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why Book Reviews are important, especially when done for FREE

I have seen several articles this week relating to the costs that indie or non NYT Bestesller Authors have when it comes to marketing their books. In one article, the author stated that her publishing company charged her $600 for their snippet review on the cover of her book.... that's for ONE review! Another stated that her publishing company allotted her a ZERO advertising budget, meaning she paid for it all. She got $6000 for the advance, and spent $2000 of that to advertise her book. Another author published 4 books last year and cleared a mere $18,000 on her tax return, and these are books I have seen in large book stores near the front! That was eye opening for me. I am an avid reader, and had no idea that mid-level authors barely made anything on their books, especially considering the time they put in to produce quality work!

I was entering a giveaway today for a copy of Not Just For Breakfast Anymore, and one of the "bonus" entries was to follow the author's blog. (No bonus for blogging about him, it just fit with this article idea I already had). As I was perusing the site, I saw that he had been blogging about his journey as an indie publisher. For books like this one, priced at $6.99, he needs to sell it to bookstores at half price. Minimum profit $3.49 per sale. That's not taking into account any costs he had with producing the physical book.

I have a Kindle that I bought with Swag bucks last year, and I love it. I like that I can offer to read an e-version of books to do reviews for authors, and that doesn't cut into their profits. I do offer paid ads on my site because I have costs associated with blogging, and that helps to offset them, and allows me to do larger self-sponsored giveaways. It also means that I can offer to do book reviews for authors for free. Granted, I can't afford to purchase each and every book that I review, but I can accept a book in return for a free and honest review. I also like giving books as gifts for birthdays, holidays, and other milestones. When I review a book that I think is perfect for someone I know, I notate it and purchase that for them at the appropriate time as a gift. It supports the author and who doesn't love to get a great book as a gift?!

While I do offer honest reviews on every product I like, sometimes people notice that they see mostly positive reviews. That's for a few reasons.
  1. I know what type of books I like, and I tend to accept mostly offers in those genres.
  2. Even if a book doesn't quite mesh with MY personal preferences, it doesn't mean it is poorly written or executed. I can focus on the positive aspects honestly, and point out what might appeal to others. What's great about readers is that we all have different tastes!
  3. On the rare occasion when I have gotten a book that was poorly written, I contacted the PR company before I wrote my review. I do not feel right about bashing someone's first book. The PR company took my suggestions, and I am sure others suggestions, back to the author. Since the book was still in the galley stage they were able to put a hold on the book and fix the problems. The completed book was MUCH better, and I was able to give a good review. It's ALWAYS a good idea to contact a company before writing something negative.
 I say all this to say, support the authors whose work you adore. Follow them on social media, and share about their work. Leave comments on book reviews. It's nice to know people are actually reading your reviews, and often the authors stop by and it's a bonus for them to see what people are saying about their books.

A WONDERful mop, even for my bad back!

Many of my longtime readers, as well as my friends and family now that I have been having issues with my back for over 2 years now. Most recently, my specialist realized that in addition to the joint and disc problems I have, that I also suffer from Fibromyalgia. While this definitely has an impact on the things that I am able to do, some things still have to be done regardless of how bad I feel. One of these things is mopping.

With three kids in the house, and one I must take extra precautions to keep healthy, it is of critical importance that things stay clean. Mopping is very hard on your back, the motion itself is something my doctor wants me to avoid, but the floors still have to be cleaned. So, I have been on a mission to find a mop that doesn't kill me each time I use it. The mops that are rope like are too much strain to use, and the mops with the sponge like heads work, but often require "elbow grease" to get up tough spots. Like when someone drops jelly on the floor and doesn't clean it up right away, and mom doesn't see it until she goes to mop.

A few weeks ago I was in Target and they had the Libman Wonder Mop on sale. I liked that the mop head is made of micro-fiber and is machine washable! It is comforting to know that I can mop with a CLEAN mop head each and every time without purchasing a replacement mop head to do so. So, I bought one. I came home and tried it out. I was amazed. I was WONDERful (pun intended, haha) I can't believe how much better the microfiber cloth cleaned my tile floors! There were several stains the kids had gotten on the floors and they came right up without any extra effort.

So I am sold. Of course replacement mop heads are also available, you can't expect them to last FOREVER, LOL:) I included amazon links to both the mop and the replacement head, and as you can see they are very reasonably priced. This is NOT a sponsored post, although I did contact Libman to get permission to post about their product before I wrote the review.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green It Yourself

Clorox Green Works has teamed up with Carter Oosterhouse and posted some great information that you can see on their facebook page: Green It Yourself on Facebook and get great tips on making your home more "green" and helping you save some of your hard earned "green" money.

I thought several of them were fantastic, and will be sharing my favorite one with you here. I hope you take a moment to click over and hear more of them!

 My favorite tip is to "Cool your energy costs". In the video Carter explains how updating older model refrigerators with newer models can cut your energy costs in half. Obviously the older the model, probably the less efficient it is. It's often hard for us to wrap our frugal minds around the fact that spending money to upgrade appliances can actually SAVE us money in the long run, once we've passed the break even point. In our home, the main appliance that needs to be replaced is the stove. But, in this house the stove is built into the cabinetry, so we know that replacing it will require work to the cabinets and replacing the counter-tops too. However, 2 of the burners are completely shot, and the stove is off by 50 degrees and sometimes more, soooooo it's on it's last leg! We know the dreaded day of replacement is looming, that it's not as energy efficient as it should be, and needs to be replaced sooner rather than later. It's just hard to spend that kind of money!

 This post is not sponsored, but is an entry to win a Clorox® Green Works® giveaway on the Mom Bloggers Club.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

10 Time Saving Tips for Busy Moms

I don't know about you, but I don't know any moms that aren't busy! It doesn't matter if you stay at home, work from home, or work outside the home. The key to keeping your sanity during the years if raising children, requires planning ahead and utilizing time saving tips.

1. Keep a master calendar. This can be on your mobile device, a purse sized paper calendar or organizer, or a large one at home. Personally, we have so many doctor appointments and other time sensitive things scheduled, that I have a very large calendar at home that I can SEE first thing every day. Mine is in month blocks, and that helps me know what things are coming up.

2. On grocery shopping day, plan a schedule of time where you can chop fruits, veggies, and other food items immediately when you get home. This helps make sure food isn't wasted, makes it easier to use when needed, keeps you on your diet plan, and dramatically saves time when trying to prep meals.

3. Along with fruits and veggies, I like to brown and season my ground beef, marinate chicken, etc. then place in freezer safe bags. Each morning I pull that evenings meal items out of the freezer and put into the fridge to thaw or the slow cooker to cook on low all day.

4. Learn to use and rely on your slow cooker, George Foreman (or similar indoor grill), or outdoor grill for meal preparation. I LOVE using my slow cooker because once everything is prepped and inside I don't have to do anything else to it! At dinner time, I just grab plates, bowls, etc and serve everyone a healthy meal. This is especially great for families eating at different times due to scheduling conflicts. It stays warm and ready.

5. I only use Dishwasher Safe kitchen items. I do not use any pans, dishes, etc that cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher, and this includes my crock for the slow cooker. Granted it does need to be cooled before placing it in the dishwasher, but I fill it with hot soapy water and let it soak overnight, then place it in the dishwasher in the morning.

6. Let your appliances work for you. Set your washing machine (if it has this feature) to start washing a load of clothes about 45 minutes before you get home. Once you are home you can pop that load in the dryer and start another load. You will be able to stay on the constantly regenerating monster known as family laundry, doing 2 loads per day (if you need to do that much), and not be up all night long!

7. Use the internet to your advantage! I just tried out the Amazon Home Products services this week. I ordered basic home supplies that we use every day, at prices lower than sale prices in my area, used the e-coupon, used the shop and save service, and paid with credits I got from Swagbucks. I ordered them on Monday, and received them today. There is no need to run around to multiple stores or warehouse clubs to get many items.

8. To keep my house clean in minutes a day, I have a plan that works for me. I "assign" one room to each day, and do any "deep" cleaning needed on that rooms day. Then I just do quick pickups of all the other rooms in about 5 minutes per day. For example, I clean my Kitchen each Wednesday because Thursday is trash pickup day. I empty and clean out the fridge, counters, etc. and mop/sweep the floors really well. Then it's just basic dishes and quick swipes of the counters the rest of the week.

9. Pay your bills and manage your money online if possible. You can probably take care of your money needs in about 15 minutes per week, don't have to worry about items lost in the mail, you have electronic confirmation that the payment was received, and you can see your bank transactions to catch errors when they happen before things snowball.

10. Each night, lay out any clothes, paperwork, or items you need for the next day. Make sure the kids backpacks are ready to go, and homework is done before they go to bed. Keep your purse and car keys near the door you exit. This will save you time running around frantically searching for items you need for the day, and forgetting things, making you have to drive back home to get them.

These are 10 of the tips that I implement in my daily life, that help me ensure my household runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. It's not perfect, and I make changes when and where needed as the seasons of our life change. I would love to hear from you any tips that you use to help save time!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Patchwork Dreams Finalist

The commenter whose entry was selected to be entered in the Grand Prize Patchwork Dreams Giveaway is Carol M who said:
Carol M said...
This is a wonderful giveaway! I'd love to read the books and I would love the cookbook, too! (email address removed)
 Carol, I have forwarded your name to the PR company and they will be selecting a winner on June 20 and notify you if you are the winner. Good Luck!

Monday, June 13, 2011


Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 5.14.36 (pronounced "banter"), is a social network designed for capturing conversations, proves a modern way to save those precious moments and share them with family members, friends, and followers. Web- and app-based, can be accessed from your laptop, ipad, or smart phone. Simple to use, free and fun, offers an organized means of sharing those funny moments in a more visually appealing way than simply sharing them in your Facebook or Twitter stream. 

I am thrilled to introduce you to this new social network. As the mom of three young children who are quite entertaining all of the time, there are many moments that I want to capture and save. It seems like just yesterday that my nine year old was a new born baby. Time flies so fast! The most important advice I think we can give new moms is to write down the memories you want to keep. The problem is that we often think that ourselves, but then the moment passes and we get busy and forget. Or, we might remember to write it down, but then we have just scraps of paper to keep up with. BNTER is a site that is accessible from so many platforms, and offers a place to write down these thoughts and memories. It makes it so easy to keep them organized and to share with trusted friends and family who will also get a kick out of the unique things our kids say to make us laugh. I hope you will all take a moment to stop by and check out this new site, and come back and leave me comments letting me know your thoughts. Enjoy!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Walgreens savings and link to giveaways for $25 Walgreens Gift Cards!

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.


By now, most of you know that when I shop, I am looking for the best deal possible. Sometimes I am able to get brand name products for free or at a very low price using coupons, but that is not always the case. Sometimes I need a product for which no coupons are available. Other times, there are specific items in which I prefer a specific brand, or even a certain store's brand over other brands due to past experience with them.

One item that I prefer that is a store brand is from Walgreens. The closest Walgreens to my home is about 5 miles away, which isn't that far to most of you, but for me, it's not in the immediate area where I normally shop, so I go out of my way to visit this store. When making special trips, I make sure to match all of the coupon deals for the current week, and to check our supply of Walgreens Brand Mucus Relief DM (generic for Mucinex). Previously my husband took the brand name of this product under his doctor's recommendation twice per day for his sinus issues. One week though, they brand name was out of stock and the only kind available was the store brand. I bought it thinking that he'd just use it until they got the brand name in, and then I'd drive back over and pick that up. BUT, it turned out that the Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products version worked better for him than the name brand had. I was pleased because the store brand is considerably less expensive than the name brand, and y'all now I am all about saving some money!

In addition to helping me save money, I like that the purchase of any of the Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products helps support bringing preventive wellness services to local communities through the Walgreens Way to Well Fund™.  Walgreens will contribute up to $3 million annually to the Walgreens Way to Well Fund™. Walgreens Way to Well Fund™ will provide free preventive health tests as well as other health and wellness services and education to local communities. Some of those services will include preventive health tests through the National Urban League Health & Wellness Tour and vouchers redeemable in select stores. For details, visit Advertisement

Finally, several other blogs are also participating in this campaign to share our experiences with Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products and some of them are hosting giveaways on behalf of Walgreens. CLICK HERE for the complete list of blogs hosting the giveaways and for complete contest rules. Good Luck to all who enter, please be sure to stop back by and let me know if any of you win!

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Please Help Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Back when I was working outside the home and had young children to care for, I was very involved with volunteer work. One of the organizations that I helped frequently was our local Boys and Girls Club. Our main local fundraiser was a bowling activity, and we raised enough money one year to provide the local school with funds to feed all children under the Free and Reduced Price lunch program. Our subsidy of the program didn't require income verification, so the kids whose families just missed the mark for being eligible were still able to be covered. We also provided enough funds for a summer meal program so that area kids and families could come to the school each weekday for a hot meal for the entire summer.
This organization really does a lot to help kids, so I wanted to share with you the information on this new program, and I hope you take a moment to click over to Facebook and "like" them!
Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA), in partnership with Microsoft and Comcast, has launched the Faces of the Future campaign (, designed to raise awareness about the importance of digital literacy. The campaign features youth from across America who have been positively impacted by the Club Tech program and shows how technology can transform lives.
Historically, Boys & Girls Clubs have been known as safe, affordable places where parents could send their kids to play sports, swim and get help with their homework. But now they are much more than that. The Club Tech program helps prepare young people through technology, tapping into the potential of future journalists, graphic designers, engineers and photographers.
Boys & Girls Club members, age 6-18, learn various skills from word processing and presentations to music production and filmmaking. Nearly 1 million kids and teens participate in the Club Tech program at more than 3,600 Boys & Girls Clubs around the world. Research has shown that participants not only learned the fundamentals of computers, but they also discovered how to harness technology in a way that made them more literate in current affairs and other topics that spill over from school and home.
Throughout the campaign, the Faces of the Future Showcase will feature artwork, music and films created by youth using the Club Tech digital arts curriculum. People all over the world will have the opportunity to see what young people can accomplish through technology when given access to the right tools and opportunities!
Speaking of accomplishments, Boys & Girls Clubs of America needs your help in reaching an important milestone--35,000 fans on Facebook! For every 10 likes they get, a Club member will receive Microsoft Office 2010. By clicking the "like" button, you're not only showing your support for an amazing cause, but you're literally putting tools in the hands of children who need them most.
Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Microsoft and Comcast are all busy spreading knowledge, opportunities and equipment, but they need your help in spreading the word.
 "Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a gift card in exchange for this post.  No monetary exchange took place."

Field of Vision Premiere on June 11!

The newest P&G and Wal-Mart Family Movie Night collaboration Field of Vision premieres June 11th at 8/7c on NBC.

Movie Synopsis:

Through mysterious footage captured on an old malfunctioning video camera, Sinclair High School’s star quarterback, Tyler McFarland, learns that some of his teammates have been bullying Cory Walker, a troubled new transfer student.  Aware that sharing this information with the coach might get his friends kicked off the team and ultimately cost the school the state championship, Tyler must choose what’s more important: winning or doing what’s right.


My boys LOVE when we have Family Movie Night. At least once a week, we make a point of finding a family friendly movie that all of us will enjoy, and we watch it together. While we do have a movie subscription service in which we can rent dvd's and stream some over the internet, I am thrilled that P&G and Wal-Mart have brought the tradition back to TV. Field of Vision is an important movie to share with everyone because it deals with an important issue, bullying. Bullying is a HUGE issue in the media and in most schools right now and that's because bullying now comes in so many different forms, and children are being tormented by it. Our own son who has Asperger's was attacked by another student on the playground when he went to public school. With the issues he already had, his health and education plummeted. That is the point where we decided it was in his best interest to home school him, and he is recovering nicely. The biggest issue at the time was that the school's resolution to the problem was to have him sit in the office each day during recess so he didn't have panic attacks about being bullied. I REFUSED to accept that. The VICTIM should not be punished, it should be the bully. Teachers and administrators have the responsibility of ensuring each student's safety, and if they are aware that a problem exists, they should focus extra time and attention to ending the problem.

We have taught all of our boys that they are not to attack or insult another person. They do have the right to stand up for themselves and defend themselves if they are in danger, but they are NEVER to initiate a confrontation. Likewise, if they see or hear a friend or classmate being bullied, they are to stand up for them and defend them. Standing idly by and watching another person be injured is just not acceptable, especially if it is someone who is incapable of defending themselves. 

I hope each of you has the opportunity to view this wonderful show, and share this vital message with your children. I firmly believe that if parents are actively talking about solutions to this problem with their children, we can make a difference!

 Enjoy Field of Vision. Come back and let me know what you think!
Watch Field of Vision,  June 11th at 8/7c on NBC.

Check out the Family Movie Night Facebook page. Keep up with news and new movies on the horizon.
Watch the Trailer:
Get the Field of Vision Trailer widget and many other great free widgets at Widgetbox! Not seeing a widget? (More info)

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Tour: Shattered by Melody Carlson

Shattered by Melody Carlson
Shattered CoverCleo Neilson's best friend is moving away and she wants to make Lola's last night in town special. For Cleo, that means going to the big Christian concert in the city, but her mom won't allow her to go. She says that area of the city is too dangerous for two unchaperoned teenage girls.

Convinced her mom is just being an overprotective "helicopter" mom, she sneaks out of the house. After all, her mom has to let her grow up sometime, right? 

Cleo now faces the chilling consequences of her actions and a secret that it is eating her up inside. As Cleo fights through her grief and guilt, she learns about faith in God and forgiveness through him.

About the Author
Melody CarlsonMelody Carlson has written more than a hundred books for all age groups, but she particularly enjoys writing for teens. Perhaps this is because her own teen years remain so vivid in her memory. After claiming to be an atheist at the ripe old age of twelve, she later surrendered her heart to Jesus and has been following him ever since. Her hope and prayer for all her readers is that each one would be touched by God in a special way through her stories. For more information, please visit Melody's website at

***Disclosure: I was sent a complimentary copy of Shattered for review purposes only. A positive review was not required, all opinions are 100% mine.***

Not all Stockpiles are Hoarding

With the recent launch of the new couponing show on TLC, I have been getting an abundance of phone calls, emails, and messages from people wanting to know how to shop like that. My answer is always the same: you shouldn't do that. Not on that scale anyway. Many stores and manufacturer's are also watching the show and seeing how some couponers exploit the couponing system, and are making changes that affect those of us who use them in the correct manner. While strategic shopping IS a good idea, you just have to do it on a smaller scale, and make sure you are obeying the laws (NOT buying or selling coupons, it is Fraud!) and the policies of each store you shop at.

I am fortunate to live very close to a store that doubles most coupons up to $1. While the prices on non-sale items is higher than my mass market store, sale items paired with coupons enable me to get many items at a very low price. However, they only allow you to double one "like" coupon per day. If I happen to purchase extra papers some weeks and have 3-4 of the same coupon, that means I can't get 3-4 items on the same day and have that coupon doubled. I have to visit the store 3-4 times within the sale week to use all of my coupons. This isn't an issue for me, because my store is just outside of my neighborhood. BUT, they do not allow you to use 40 of one coupon in a single transaction.

Other people don't understand stockpiling and wonder why one earth people would do that. The simple answer is strategic shopping. It pays to stock up on items when they are at a rock bottom price. For example, last fall, my store had Kellogg cereal on sale at a very low price when you bought 4 boxes at a time. I had coupons for different varieties of the cereal, and when you bought 4 boxes, you got a free gallon of milk. The sale started on Wed and I went every single day and bought the limit. That Saturday I got the early edition of the paper and it had more cereal coupons in it. I knew the cereal sale would last another 10 days, so I purchased the most papers I have ever bought at once, and got 10. I continued to go every day for 10 days and get my limit. I then had a stockpile of 40 boxes of cereal. The milk was used right away. My oldest son has medical issues and is under the care of a nutritionist, and part of his diet is a ton of milk, so we use a gallon per day anyway. With his high calorie diet, and the natural appetite of growing boys, he and his brothers ate ALL of that cereal within 3 months. That meant none of it went to waste or expired, and I didn't have to buy cereal for 3 months. I could use the money I normally allotted for that to put towards stocking up on something else.

At other times of the year, it makes sense to stock up on other things. In the late fall, I stock up on canned soup when it's on sale. With 5 people in the house, when one person gets sick, all of us tend to get sick. As the only shopper in the house, it's hard to go out for soup when you or one of the kids is sick, so I like to keep several cans on hand. This year, when it went on sale, it was a deal similar to the cereal situation, and I was able to go every day for 14 days and get 5 cans. When people look in your pantry and see 70 cans of soup they think you are crazy....until you all get the flu and that soup is gone in a flash! If 5 people each eat 2 can's per day, that's a 7 day supply. The sickness went longer this year, due to a couple of people getting secondary infections (even though we got flu shots!), so I ended up having to go out and get more soup at full retail price.

For me, stockpiling is all about common sense. Determine what YOUR family will use in a reasonable time (sale cycles are usually 8-12 weeks in my area), or donate anything you get and will not use. Don't get more than what's reasonable, don't waste, and don't violate the rules. Stockpiling can be hoarding if you are gathering more items than you will use before it expires, and are not donating the excess. If the stockpile is taking over your home, that's probably too much.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Get Fresh With A Friend!

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 5.14.36 PMAs the mother of three young boys, we are frequent users of moist wipes in our home. With them being only 5, 7, and 9, the obvious use of them in their restroom is the most common way that we use them, but not the only way. I prefer to let them use these before dry tissue in the restroom because they are at or above the age where they no longer want help in the restroom. They are able to use these and clean themselves adequately so that we are all happy. I also keep a box of these in my car to clean up messy hands and faces when we are out and about. Logan, especially, is my messy child, and I can need to clean him up consistently before we get out of the car to go into places. 

While these are the ways that my family uses these wipes, they would also be helpful in other situations. If you frequent a gym, I'd pack these in your gym bag. If your children play sports, you DEFINITELY want to keep these in the car to freshen them up. These would also make an excellent baby shower gift for an expectant mother. I am sure all the mothers out there know exactly when the new mother could use these to freshen up! Most women could also use these during that special time each month to make themselves feel refreshed. They are also excellent for motorcycle riders to put in their saddle bags. When they stop and pull of their helmet, they can quickly swipe these to get all that icky sweat cleaned away.

I prefer to use the Cottonelle brand because the wipes are thicker, yet still flush-able with no plumbing problems, and they have just enough moistness to get all types of jobs done without leaving you wet and sticky. They have also improved their dispenser, and it now has the proprietary OneTouch. All of my kids, one of whom has special issues, are capable of opening this dispenser and getting what they need out of it. technology. (*Note: We had a situation on the road once where I ran out of these and had to purchase another brand in a pinch. Only Joshua was able to open that dispenser on his own. So, I had to improvise and put that brand of wipes in the Cottonelle dispenser until we could get back to a more populated area where I could purchase the Cottonelle wipes. They are worth their price, and coupons are frequently available!)

I would like to encourage each of you to visit to see what rewards are available to get and to give. I wrote about my love for Cottonelle previously in November, and get excited every time I see an opportunity to help promote them. I strongly believe in supporting brands I love and use on a regular basis. These products are a staple in our home, and are part of my bi-weekly shopping trips.

  Be sure to check out my twitter link for this post with the hashtag #GetFresh. Click on the link to get a $1 off coupon, and if you have a store near you that doubles coupons, you can really score a great deal on these!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cottonelle and received product and a promotional item as a thank you for my participation.”

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Man of the House

Screen shot 2011-03-08 at 5.14.36 PM
Ahhhh, it's June, the month in which we celebrate Father's. I have a great dad in real life, but not everyone I know was so fortunate. Some friends of mine had to live vicariously through the father's of their friends, or even substituting TV dads, wishing their own father's could be similar.

I have always been a television fan, and I just love the way that television is able to portray so many varieties of dad's. When I was little, I'd watch Ward Cleaver, Andy Griffith, Pa Ingalls, and the Waltons. As I got older, I moved on to Bill Cosby, the Seavers, and even the Ewings! Now, as an adult, I still enjoy wholesome TV families and their interactions, but in the age of reality TV, we are able to see some non-traditional parenting by father's that is still quite influential. Many people I know are shocked to see former Rock Stars with "wild" persona's on reality shows that show a much more conservative side. Sure they may be more liberal than your small mid-western town father, but compared to many in the areas they live in, they are strict. My personal favorite TV dad of the moment, is the father of the boy with Asperger's on Parenthood. My own son has Asperger's, and it presents challenges that are different and unique to each family, yet we all feel a similar bond because we know what other families are experiencing. 

The best thing about Dads on television though, is that whether they are dispensing advice, acting goofy, holding down 9-to-5 jobs, or jobs with irregular schedules, they all share the fact that they love and support their children.

I am happy to be able to share with you a site that is voting for Favorite Father Figures! I hope you will take a moment to pop over an share your input, so that we can help shape the future of television for our own families!
, a leading online resource for Dads has come up the "World's Greatest TV Dad" tournament just in time for Father's Day. This bracket-style competition will pit 32 favorite father figures from television against each other for an audience-voted run at the title: which character best represents the ideal American Dad and will reign supreme this year?

Through June 16, visitors can choose their favorite TV Dads from seeded pairings on Every Monday the next round of match-ups will be posted, and the field of contenders will be narrowed through the audience votes. The "World's Greatest TV Dad" will be announced just before Father's Day on Friday, June 17.

The pool of competitors were selected and seeded by the editorial team based up four criteria:
1.    Shared household responsibilities
2.    Relationship with children
3.    Personal health/style/appearance
4.    Work/family balance

In addition to voting for the winning Dad, wants Moms and Dads to weigh in on the attributes they believe make a good father and how this parenting paradigm has shifted over the last fifty years. 

Man of the House was created by Barefoot Proximity in partnership with Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc. as a site which provides men, and especially Dads, with information and advice to help in their expanded family roles. helps men be a little bit better at everything they do with simple, direct and helpful information from an entertaining and engaging guy's point of view.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of P&G and received promotional items to thank me for taking the time to participate.”