Sunday, January 1, 2012


The father in this show, Frank Gallagher spends every penny he can at the bar. If you could take just a portion of that money and give it to his daughter Fiona, what would you tell her to do with it? Take a long, much needed vacation? Invest in a new house? Feed the family for a year? 

If I could give some of that money to Fiona, first I'd hire a nanny/housekeeper to help her with the house and her siblings. I'd make sure they had plenty of food, all the bills were paid, and that she was able to enjoy her youth. I'd then send dear old Frank to REHAB so that hopefully he could be the father they need him to be when he gets out, and he'd stay sober. 

In Season One of Shameless, we see Fiona take on so many parental roles that should not be her burden to bear. I keep thinking what an amazing, strong young woman she is, despite the many mistakes she makes along the way. I think she does a fantastic job of handling responsibilities that she did not create, and I so want Frank to get sober and let her just be a young woman.

Season 2 Premiers on Showtime Jan 8 (ONE WEEK!) at 9ET/PT.
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Shameless 'Disability' by thewbdotcom

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